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A new adaptation of the classic tale of lust, madness, and limb transplantation!


Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of one of cult cinema's greatest pulp science-fiction/horror shockers with this brand-new novelization of The Brain That Wouldn't Die! It dares to go further than the screen ever allowed!


Who is the Brain That Wouldn't Die?

Is it Bill Cortner, the doctor driven to explore

the outer reaches of limb transplantation at any cost?

Is it his withered assistant, Dr. Kurt Daniel,

an old man with a dark and sinister past?

Could it be the ungodly nightmare creature

locked inside the laboratory closet?

Or is it pretty Jan Compton, the love of Bill Cortner's life,

who is a living head in Bill's laboratory!


READ!  The fate of these grotesque perversions of science!


READ! The diabolical musings of a demented mind!


READ! The twisted tale of love taken to its most mind-shattering extreme!


Robert Freese delivers The Brain That Wouldn’t Die like you have never before experienced it! Includes a brief history of the film’s production by movie marketing archivist Paul Mcvay, along with a reproduction of the original 13-page press book and eight lobby cards.


Can your brain withstand a million terrors!

Do not miss The Brain That Wouldn't Die 60th Anniversary Novelization!


Recommended for Mature Readers




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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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