The radio spot archives of It Came From Hollywood hosted at the Internet Archive since 2016.


Used quite liberally over the 13 years the Drive-In of the Damned radio show was produced, as well as being a staple on the Drive-In of the Damned Radio station.

Collected over the last 30+ years via flea markets, private sellers, trades, as well as online purchases.


The archive consists of the '60s, '70s, and early 80's horror/sci-fi and fantasy radio advertising. Some radio spots have multiple versions (A, B, C, etc.) representing different lengths and sometimes styles. Included are many TV spots that play just as well as a traditional radio spot.

It Came From Hollywood encourages podcasters and broadcasters alike, to utilize this archive and keep the 'Preservation of Exploitation' moving forward into the future.

The archive currently contains 1,038 radio spots with updates scheduled in the future.