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American Independents Thrive! Terrifier 2

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

I hope everyone is celebrating the weekend at the movie theater giving director Damien Leone's slasher sequel Terrifier 2 a watch. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admire that this little half a million dollar produced epic has managed to creep onto more than 800 theaters across the country. When you consider that Disney occupies half the screens in our country, it almost brings a tear to your eye when something like this happens.

What is more amazing is that the original Terrifier (the one featuring friend of ICFH David Howard Thornton) became popular via streaming. It was one of those streaming success stories that the average Joe assumes every film released to streaming channels enjoys. It was always assumed that Terrifier 2 would go straight to streaming. It made sense.

While other series are going the streaming route and skipping theaters altogether (such as Prey, the newest and best of the Predator series), Terrifier 2 is going against the stream and doing the opposite! I mean, think about that for a minute. That is rare in this day and age. These guys are coming up to the table, taking a look at the rule book, chucking the rule book and saying, "Let's party on the big screen!"

In just two days of release Terrifier 2 has already made back its meager budget. It is a triumph and should serve as all the inspiration you need to make your own movie, write your own book, draw your own graphic and go out there and get it seen, no, demand that it be seen!

Kudos to Leone and Company for pulling off a minor miracle in cinema history!

Celebrate your Independents and see Terrifier 2 as soon as you can.

The interview with David Howard Thornton appears in It Came From Hollywood Book 2, our giant Salute to Slashers edition.

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