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Brain Bundles!

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Now Available- Special Brain Bundles of The Brain That Wouldn't Die 60th Anniversary Novelization!

After 60 years, celebrate the novelization that goes further than the screen ever dared! The Brain That Wouldn't Die 60th Anniversary Novelization is a new adaptation of the classic tale of lust, madness and limb transplantation!

We are offering 25 special Brain Bundles of our The Brain That Wouldn't Die 60th Anniversary Novelization along with extras not available anywhere else!

Each copy is numbered and signed by the writer, Robert Freese. The Brain Bundle also includes a set of 8 post cards reproducing the original Lobby Card set as well as a full reproduction of the A.I.P. Pressbook for Brain and it's original co-feature Invasion of the Star Creatures. (The pressbook also includes a reproduction of Star Creature's original 8 Lobby Card set!) The standalone Pressbook reproduction is recreated in the original colors it was originally printed in. And of course, a button so you can wear your fandom and show your support for re-animated heads everywhere!

The Brain Bundles are limited to 25 and they are already selling. $30 dollars includes a numbered, signed edition of the novelization (personalized inscriptions are available), the Brain Lobby Card set, the Brain /Star Creatures Pressbook reproduction and the Brain button to make your friends jealous. Shipping is include in the bundle price. (Unfortunately, the Brain Bundle offer is only available to residents within the continental United States.)

If you are interested in getting a fistful of Brains and snagging one of the twenty-five limited Brain Bundles, contact us at and let us know you want one. (If you would like a personalized inscription, let us know in your email information.) Please confirm the mailing address in your email. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the bundle. Once paid, it will be shipped as soon as possible.

It's The Brain That Wouldn't Die 60th Anniversary Novelization Brain Bundle, available only from It Came From Hollywood!

Experience The Brain That Wouldn't Die like you've never experienced it before!!!

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