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Contents for ICFH Book 3!

The summer fun continues in ICFH Book 3! This is the first all new ICFH since going to the new book format and it is sure to delight. We cover a ton of great titles, from comedies like Easy Living and The Hollywood Knights to action movies, werewolf movies, and 40 years of Dark Night of the Scarecrow with a complete career interview with Scarecrow writer J.D. Feigelson. Interviews also include Fulci actress Silvia Collatina, Robert Wuhl, Deborah Goodrich Royce and an archival interview with Al Adamson, not seen since 1989! We also look at Neighbors, Piranha II, Gargoyles, Behind the Mask, Found, and Outland as well as our tribute to the Frankie and Annette AIP beach movies. For collectors, Paul deep dives and delivers the ultimate VHS/DVD list for collectors of the MGM Midnite Movies collection, with covers for every title in the collection! Fred Olen Ray contributes his thoughts on Sam Sherman’s book When Dracula Met Frankenstein! We take a look at the novelizations for Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, and the classic Escape from New York. More book, soundtrack, and movie reviews, pressbook reprint and classic newspaper ads courtesy Bill Van Ryn! It’s everything you need to beat the summer heat!

ICFH Book 3- it’s like a beach party in book format! Stay cool this summer and read It Came From Hollywood Book 3! And watch movies!

Contents ICFH Book 3

5- Show Starts in 5 Minutes!


6- Movies I Like

George looks at the 1937 comedy Easy Living!

10- Hollywood Book Shelf

After the World Ends, The Cinematic Art of India, Found Footage, Full Service and more!

15- Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood

Paul deconstructs Quentin Tarantino's first stab at fiction!

18- Interview with Ruby Falls author Deborah Goodrich Royce

Former actress Royce turns her talents toward writing the ultimate psychological Hollywood Mystery!

21- When Dracula Met Frankenstein

Guest reviewer Fred Olen Ray shares his thoughts on Sam Sherman's new book!

23- Collecting Midnite Movies

Paul takes a look at MGM's iconic DVD collection!

36- Interview with Silvia Collatina

Collatina shares her stories of working on classic films as

Big Alligator River and The House by the Cemetery!

41- Neighbors (1981)

Rob revisits this "comic-nightmare!"

45- Interview with Robert Wuhl

Scott chats with Hollywood favorite Wuhl!

53- Reliving those Hollywood Knights

Paul revisits the raucous comedy that mooned a man on the land!

61- An Original Soundtrack Column

Tim reveals the secrets surrounding one of the rarest of all LP soundtracks, The Caine Mutiny!

64- Outland (1981)

John takes a trip back to Io to revisit this 1981 sci-fi western!

67- SPLIT/VISION: Surprise Finds Edition!

The boys beef over discount bin finds Behind the Mask (2006) and Found (2012)!

70- Interview with J.D. Feigelson

We celebrate 40 years of Dark Night of the Scarecrow with writer and filmmaker J.D. Feigelson!

89- Blast-O-Rama: The Action Films of 1981

Rob takes a trip back to 1981, the year action films turned into the "80's action flick!"

95- Escape from the Bookshelf

It's time to take a look at Mike McQuay's muscled novelization for Escape from New York!

99- From the Hollywood Archives: Al Adamson

ICFH is proud to present this archival interview from 1989 with one of our favorite filmmakers!

106-Year of the Howl

Jim Rex looks at the quartet of wolf movies released in '81!

110- Hollywood Docs A.D. (After Distribution)

Paul assesses the documentaries Val and The Fabulous Allan Carr!

112- Uncle Dan's Video Den

Our favorite uncle dishes on the titles he's been watching down in the Video Den!

122- Frankie & Annette MGM Movie Legends Collection

Uncle Dan deep dives into the 2007 box set release- it's a beach party party!

125- VHS Spotlight The Intruder Within (1981)

A look at the made-for-TV Alien knock-off, still only available on VHS!

127- The Catacombs

JE Smith takes a look at Mad Love, Doctor X and Gargoyles!

132- The Booth

Tim recalls his time screening The Day After for the ABC top brass!

135- Piranha II: The Spawning

Jim Rex explores James Cameron's finest cinematic achievement!

137- Reprint Beach Party Press Book

In 1972 drive-ins got one final beach party when AIP re-released this quadruple feature!

141-Bill Van Ryn's Newspaper Movie Ads A Go-Go

Bill Van Ryn looks back at the original newspaper ads for the Frankie & Annette flicks!

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