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Contents for It Came From Hollywood Book 2!

The release of It Came From Hollywood Books 2 & 3 are right around the corner. Here is a look at the complete contents for Book 2. The body count continues with an even bigger slasher celebration than before! If you are a fan of the classic 80's slice and dice flicks, It Came From Hollywood Book 2 is for you. Also, Streets of Fire, The Blues Brothers and Jaws! Contents for It Came From Hollywood Book 3 coming soon.

The Show Starts in 5 Minutes-

Welcome to our all night Maniacs a Go-Go tribute to slasher movies!

Movies I Like- George Seminara

George unleashes a metric ton of cool when he puts the spotlight on Streets of Fire!

Hollywood Book Shelf

Cruel Jaws, Jaws Unmade, Videohound's Groovy Movie, Video Nasty Mayhem and more!

I Infiltrated the Film Set of The Blues Brothers

Former newsman Dave Fusaro risked life and limb to sneak onto one of the most heavily guarded film sets in Hollywood history- John Landis's The Blues Brothers!

Beyond The Screen: The Blues Brothers Edition

Paul takes a deep dive into one of Hollywood's most expensive interior sets ever built for a

motion picture, The Dixie Square Mall set for The Blues Brothers!


Our Slasher celebration kicks off with a look at the hack-n-slash year that was 1981!

Bud Cooper: The Mutilator

Bud Cooper spills his guts on the making of The Mutilator!

VHS Spotlight: Slasher Edition

A look at the perfect VHS slasher film, House of Death/Death Screams!

Lynne Griffin: From Black Christmas to Strange Brew

Lynne Griffin speaks about her roles in slasher cinema as well as a cult comedy!

SPLIT/VISION: Maniac '80 a Maniac '12

Tim and Scott rumble over the merits of Maniac (1980) and its 2012 Remake!

Richard W. Haines: Valedictorian of Splatter U

Richard W. Haines reminisces on his time making Splatter University!

Uncle Dan's 80's 3-D Slasher Double Feature

Our favorite uncle looks at Friday the 13th Part 3 and Silent Madness on Digital 3-D!

Memories of a Halloween: Interview with Sandy Johnson

Sandy Johnson recalls her days as a teen girl with a precocious, nutty little brother in the

classic slasher thriller Halloween, as well as her return to the franchise 40 years later!

The Slasher City Jukebox

Jim Rex spins the platters of splatter and assembles the ultimate slasher music mix-tape!

Sleepaway Madness: Interview with Katherine Kamhi

Katherine Kamhi reminisces on her slasher days on the sets of Sleepaway Camp and

the 80's other 3-D knife-kill flick, Silent Madness!

Hollywood SLASHER Shelf: Slasher Novelizations

This special Hollywood Book Shelf shines a light on slasher movie novelizations!

The Final Exam of Timothy L. Raynor

Timothy L. Raynor recalls his time in South Carolina, playing the

faceless killer in 1981's southern-fried stab-fest Final Exam!

The Cannon Group Slashers

Join Rob as he revisits a trio of early '80s slashers from The Cannon Group,

New Year's Evil, Schizoid and X-Ray!

The Art of Horror: David Howard Thornton

David Howard Thornton discusses his deadly screen persona

Art the Clown from Terrifier and Terrifier 2!

An Original Soundtrack Column

Tim shares his long history with ultra-NOT-rare Live for Life soundtrack!

Uncle Dan's Video Den

Welcome to the Video Den, where Uncle Dan spends untold hours in front of the

boob tube, scribbling down his thoughts and eating cold spaghetti!

Home Grown Horrors

JE Smith looks at the Home Grown Horrors collection and assesses the trio of

low budget gems, Beyond Dreams Door, Winterbeast and Fatal Exam!

The Booth: Stories of a Film Projectionist

Tim opens a cold case file on a decades long mystery involving a trio of mischievous theater workers, a drunken after hours bottle fight and a missing 35mm print of Jaws!

My Bloody Valentine Press Kit

ICFH offers a look at the actual Press Kit used in promoting the film My Bloody Valentine.

Fully reproduced, all the bloody ballyhoo is on display for your enjoyment!

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