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Ed Bishop and the Toxic Tunes of Redneck Zombies!

I recently had the good fortune of talking to producer Ed Bishop, who served as executive producer, co-writer, editor, actor, effects artist and a dozen other jobs on the classic 80’s SOV zombie flick, Redneck Zombies.

While talking about the film, the subject turned to the new release of the film on VHS courtesy VHS Haven. Ed also mentioned the recent release of the Redneck Zombies soundtrack on collector’s vinyl, and his experiences with that endeavor.

His comments regarding the soundtrack are direct, but never mean. As he told the story, he’s laughing and I’m laughing and it’s just such a bizarre tale.

It’s obvious that Ed is still amazed that the little SOV zombie tale he and his friends spent a year’s worth of weekends making is continuing to find it’s way into fans hearts, and now turntables. Anyone else might have harsher words for such a weird experience, but Ed has nothing but appreciation that his film is still around and still being enjoyed by fans.

Ed Bishop on the recent release of the vinyl Redneck Zombies soundtrack:

“[Troma] made a deal for the soundtrack too. They released the soundtrack a couple of weeks ago, which was also really cool, except that the company that released it. They were in Long Beach, and I was in L.A., which is like a half hour away. I actually called the guy and said, “You know, I’m local if you want to do some promotional stuff or do an event, something like that,” and he was like, “Nah, that’s all right.” (Laughs)

I asked for a promo copy and they said, “No.” I knew someone else who got an advanced copy, and the liner notes were all completely wrong. So, I called them again and said, “Look, I got an advanced copy and in the liner notes you’ve got a lot of bad information. I can send you the correct information if you want to fix it.” He was like, “Nah, that’s all right.” (Laughs)

“But it is cool the soundtrack is out there. Again, they did a regular black and they did a collector’s edition colored vinyl. Just the fact that it’s out there is really, really crazy. So cool.”

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