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From the ICFH Archives: Girly Pressbook (1970)

Girly (a.k.a. Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny, and Girly) is one of those movies wrongly categorized as an early 1970s splatter staple among the denizens of social media fan groups. It was, and still is, a horror-comedy, and effectively so. Why it has been elevated to a status beyond its intention is anybody's guess, but the fact that people are still talking about it fifty years after its release is cause for celebration. ICFH is proud to offer hi-rez scans of Girly's Cinerama release in 1970. A fantastic pressbook heavy on reading, and those that take the time to do so will be rewarded with additional insight into the film and how it was marketed here in the United States.

Girly (1970)-Page 1

Girly (1970)-Page 2

Girly (1970)-Page 3

Girly (1970)-Page 4

Girly (1970)-Page 5

Girly (1970)-Page 6

Girly (1970)-Page 7

Girly (1970)-Page 8

Girly (1970)-Page 9

Girly (1970)-Page 10

Girly (1970)-Page 11

Cinerama offered up marketing suggestions to get movie-goers involved in the Girly experience. They may have invented the Instagram or "selfie" experience 50 years before its time by encouraging exhibitors to buy a standee cut-out where patrons could stick their heads in the hole, have a Polaroid photo taken by theater staff, and then enter a contest for best...umm..disembodied head reaction? It matters not. This was definitely some next-level showmanship.

Girly (1970)-Page 12

ICFH editor/scribe Robert Freese's outrageous novelization of The Brain that Wouldn't Die is available everywhere 60th-anniversary movie novelizations are sold!

"This book is awesome. It is as over the top as the actual film was, but with more sleaze, gore, and mayhem. Kudos to Robert Freese, as I really enjoyed this sleazy little ride."

-Pete "42nd St. Pete" Chiarella

Grindhouse Resurrection Magazine

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