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From the ICFH Archives: The Wild Life lobby cards (1984)

There is possibly no other comedy movie from the 1980s with a bigger cult following than The Wild Life. This may be partly because of the music rights that held up its disc release almost thirty years after its theatrical and video releases. Even with Kino's 2021 offering, die-hard fans can still not imbibe the original film as it was intended. For that, you need to have the original video release, and because of this, the price of used The Wild Life video tapes continues to skyrocket.

Well, here at ICFH, we can't help that (we are still watching the original release on our factory VHS tapes as well), but we can share the original lobby card set with everyone.

We offer these Hi-Rez scans of the original eight lobby cards to honor the late, great Chris Penn (1965-2006.)

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 1

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 2

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 3

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 4

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 5

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 6

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 8

The Wild Life (1984)-Lobby Card 8

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