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ICFH 2022 Advent Calendar- Day 18

ICFH 2022 Advent Calendar- Day 18

If you are anything like me, you get to day seventeen, day eighteen of December, and you've had so much good cheer crammed down your throat you're sick of it. It all seems so fake. Like people have stopped being dicks for a couple weeks out of the year, and you can tell most of them are not sincere about it. You may ask yourself, "What is the point of this holiday anyway?" Then a holiday movie comes along and reminds you about the true meaning of the holiday: friendship. And delicious waffles.

Warning: Spoiler Alert! This is a Part 3, so if you have seen either previous chapter in this trilogy I cannot spoil anything, since sequels are just the exact same movie made over and over again. If you haven't seen any of them you might not want to read. If you don't care, grab a bong and let's get cracking.

ICFH 2022 Advent Calendar December 18- A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (2011)

Estranged stoner buds Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) have drifted apart as adulthood beckons and chokes the fun of getting high morning, noon and night. They haven't spoken in years. Kumar lives in a dingy apartment, still holding onto the stoner lifestyle why Harold has traded his blunt for a corporate suit gig, a beautiful wife and a nice house on the good side of town.

A mysterious package brings the two together momentarily, long enough for Kumar to upset Maria (Paula Garces) who is waiting for her family to arrive for Christmas. Comedy hijinks ensue as soon as Harold promises his missus that he'll get rid of his friend and then said friend burns down the Christmas tree.

The rest of the movie is a misadventure as the friends reconnect while scouring the city for a perfect tree to replace the one Kumar burned down so as not to upset Maria's traditional father (Danny Trejo).

As far as Christmas movies go, this flick has got everything: uptight white people, a baby on cocaine, gangsters, the shot-gunning of Santa Claus, a 9-year-old Danny Trejo, Danny Trejo in a Christmas sweater, beer pong, Wafflebot, thug Christmas tree vendors, a Rankin/Bass style animated scene and Neil Patrick Harris blurring the lines of reality by playing a sexual predator who puts his victims at ease by his public persona of being gay.

Also, the 3D version of this movie is a perfect 3D movie! It knows what it is and it embraces its gimmick. It doesn't really worry about using the gimmick in ways to pull you more into the movie than it uses the gimmick to constantly call attention that it is tossing shit at you. Duck!

There is an extended version of the film that is even raunchier. It just depends on how much Christmas sleaze you would like in your face when you sit down with it.

It is a perfect Part 3 to this original trilogy, made in the tradition of other perfect 3-D Part 3s like Jaws 3-D, Amityville 3-D and Friday the 13th Part 3 3-D.

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