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ICFH and Scary Monsters Unite!

Our friends at Scary Monsters Magazine just released their spring #130 issue, a giant-sized Monster Memories edition with a focus on drive-in movies.

Some of you know that for years I wrote the Cosmic Drive-in column for Scary Monsters, which highlighted various drive-in movie horror shows and displayed drive-in movie ads, first from the Huntsville, Alabama area, then from around the country. My final Cosmic Drive-in column appeared in Scary Monsters #100.

For this special Drive-in Monster Memories edition, publishers Don and Vicki Smeraldi invited me back to join in the celebration! My first new Cosmic Drive-in column is now available with a ton of other fantastic memories of cool summer nights spent at the local ozoner with Monsters, Martians and Madmen!

In addition, It Came From Hollywood Book 1 and It Came From Hollywood Book 3 are now offered among all the amazing book titles on Scary Monsters's website,

Check out all the fantastic merch for everyone from Monster Kids to Hammer Heads to Slash-Fiends. Pick up a copy of Scary Monsters #130 Monster Memories while you're there, as well as a copy of ICFH and other ghoulish goodies!

Coming soon- It Came From Hollywood Book 4!!!

170-pages celebrating the best cinema offers! Features interviews with Luigi Cozzi (director of Star Crash and Hercules), Mirella D'Angelo (star of Hercules and Tenebre), Brett Kelly (Director of Galaxy Warriors and Ouija Shark) and Grady Hendrix and Chris Poggiali (authors of These Fists Break Bricks). Also, movies, books and soundtracks, Cooley High, Night of the Demon, Night Shift, Hollywood Docs look at Dawson City: Frozen Time, Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away, The Amityville Horror, Home Grown Horrors, VHS Spotlight shines a light on Hollywood Boulevard II, a massive New World Pictures Trade Ad Avalanche, the reprint of the Dawn of the Dead Press Book and more, more and more!

Celebrate your love for drive-in exploitation triple features with this Orgy of the Living Dead tribute tee-shirt, available now. Do it for the drive-ins, do it for the horror, do it for John Austin Frazier, who lost his mind at the drive-in watching this triple avalanche of terror! Stickers, pins and magnets also available! Wear the fear with care for your next drive-in triple feature of terror show!

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