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Book #1 is available via Barnes & Noble, Amazon, AbeBooks, Book Depository, and great web stores such as Forbidden Planet.

It Came From Hollywood Book #1 features the work of Tim Ferrante, Robert Freese, Paul Mcvay, George Seminara, Paul Talbot, and Scott Voisin, along with ICFH staff writers Bill Frugge and Uncle Dan.

This first edition in our new book series includes a 21-page exclusive interview with legendary Italian screenwriter Dardano Sacchetti, The Making of 52 Pick-Up (1986) as detailed by Paul Talbot, battling film critics Tim Ferrante and Scott Voisin discuss the dueling Night(s) of the Living Dead (1968)(1990), and a look back at Summer of 1976 theater going with a never-before-seen batch of photos.

Covering nearly every genre in film, across multiple decades, It Came From Hollywood Book #1 has arrived! Check out the slideshow below!

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