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It Came From ZOMBO's CLOSET!

As I'm sure you are all aware, ICFH has partnered with one of the internet's most trusted archivists of movie marketing materials, Zombo's Closet.

Since 2005, give or take a few decades, Zombo has been collecting and preserving all matters of fantastic film trinkets in the shape of lobby cards, press books, heralds, and every conceivable way Hollywood could sell motion pictures to exhibitors and, ultimately, to you and I, the movie-going public.

ICFH has been creating digital copies of its archives and, as it does, sharing those with Zombo to be enshrined within his weird and wonderful closet for future generations.

Just in case you've missed the recent Zombo posts

of ICFH material, we've decided to do a quick recap

of what is now available for you to check out in Zombo's Closet.

Keep this in mind. Zombo has been sharing all sorts of wonderful

movie marketing relics for decades now. Almost everything

featured in Zombo's Closet is ready for download for your

enjoyment. This includes everything from the ICFH archives as well. Enjoy!


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