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New ICFH Novelization available now- Galaxy Warriors Special Edition!

It Came From Hollywood Proudly Presents the second in our series of movie novelizations, Brett Kelly's 2022 sci-fi flick Galaxy Warriors!

When her sister Artemis is banished to Prison Planet, bounty hunter Demeter will stop at nothing to rescue her. With the help of her pilot Vesta, Demeter infiltrates the penal planet only to find that inmates are forced into gladiatorial death battles for the amusement of the galaxy's elite. With time running out, Demeter must face Enyo, the evil warden of Prison Planet! It's a non-stop science fiction adventure!

Based on Janet Hetherington's script, this is an expansion of the movie, including scenes from the script that were not included in the finished film.

As a bonus, Paul Mcvay time traveled back to the late 70s, early 80s to design era correct lobby cards for the film.

Robert Freese transforms Kelly's loving retro tribute to all those wonderful films that followed in the wake of Star Wars into a pulp sci-fi adventure brimming with space battles, weird aliens, heroic cliffhangers, laser blade fights, computer consoles filled with blinking lights and toggle switches, and an avalanche of film references to the entire "Sons of Star Wars" subgenre.

If you grew up renting movies like Star Crash and Battle Beyond the Stars on VHS or Beta, or you remember staying up late to catch Space Raiders or Ice Pirates on HBO, Galaxy Warriors is for you!

Galaxy Warriors the movie is available now from Lunchmeat on VHS ! Lunchmeat also offers the novelization and a special Galaxy Warriors Bundle that includes both the VHS and the novelization! SRS offers the film on Blu-ray (with a mini poster and plenty of disc extras) and copies are going fast!

Copies of the Galaxy Warriors Special Edition Novelization are making their way to Makeflix.

Per usual, Barnes & Noble is the first to offer Galaxy Warriors Special Edition Novelization and over the next week it will begin showing up wherever fine books are sold.

Up next, the It Came From Hollywood Movie Novelization Series is proud to present our splatterpunk adaptation of 1984's Splatter University!

We are working on this officially licensed novelization with writer-director Richard W. Haines. This novelization combines the original 88-page script with all the extra scenes that were added after the initial shoot came up short for the most complete version of the movie ever!

Splatter University tells the tender love story about a stark raving lunatic and his love for cutting up co-eds with a giant knife!

Who will graduate and what will be left of them?!

We are working on a ton of extras for this book that will be announced closer to its release. Multiple bundles will be available and we will be making an exclusive bundle for Makeflix, as well as other vendors as they become available.

Finish your summer with a trip to the stars with Galaxy Warriors Special Edition Novelization and prepare for the collegiate massacre of the Splatter University novelization later this year!

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1 Comment

Aug 19, 2023

Congrats on the book, Rob. Looking forward to reading it and placing it next to your novelization of THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE. - TF

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