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Our Next Novelization Announced!

The cat, or Pharon, is out of the bag! We are thrilled to announce the next title in our ICFH Movie Novelization series! This time we are going into deep space for an adventure you haven't experienced since... 1979! It is the novelization to Brett Kelly's 2022 sci-fi throwback, Galaxy Warriors!

Bounty hunter Demeter is forced to fight in gladiatorial bouts to save her sister Artemis from Enyo, the diabolical warden of Prison Planet. It's a non-stop adventure as Demeter, Vesta, Circe and the Galaxy Warriors take down Enyo and her legion of zombie-like guards.

Galaxy Warriors is Kelly's loving tribute to all the amazing science-fiction movies and TV shows that appeared after the success of Star Wars in 1977. Buck Rogers, Starcrash, Battle Battlestar Galactica, Flash Gordon, Beyond the Stars and everything in between.

I wrote the novelization last year, basing it on Janet Hetherington's original script, based on Kelly's original idea. There are many scenes in the novelization not in the movie- scenes in that original script and scenes added to build the world and characters.

It was written quickly and Kelly had them on hand when he attended festivals and cons to help promote the film.

The film will see release later this year! I have been given the opportunity to give the original manuscript a polish, and release it in the ICFH Novelization Series.

This new edition has been given a new edit with additional scenes. It will also include an excerpt from our talk with Kelly in ICFH Book 4 (available now!). Paul is cooking up some goodies for your eyeballs to feast on and the whole thing is getting the proper retro make-over to transport you back to your earlier years when these films first hit screens.

More info will be available the closer we get to the release date. The film will see release on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS, which is probably the best way to watch it.

Coming to our galaxy, right here, in the not so distant future... GALAXY WARRIORS!

(After Galaxy Warriors, the next novelization in the series will be a classic old school slasher!)

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