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Smoothen Silky: Demon Fighting Pimp

Smoothen Silky Demon Fighting Pimp

By Derek Slaton

Sometimes, when they haven't made a good demon fighting pimp movie in a while, you have to go to literature for your demon fighting pimp fix. Smoothen Silky Demon Fighting Pimp is that book!

In a nutshell, Smoothen Silky is an angel pimp sent to earth to fight demons. He is still a pimp. He works with a crew. He also has his hoes Trixie, Mixie and Dixie with him at all times. He wears nice clothes and swings a fierce 9-iron.

When a long dormant demon wants to take over the world and turn it into the ultimate spring break full of obnoxious frat bros and drunk sorority chicks. Silky is called in to see that it doesn't happen.

This is a fast moving, funny, offensive action-comedy that seems like Rudy Ray Moore would have made had the script crossed his desk.

I listened to the audio book, which was short at about three hours. It was funny and the gentleman narrating sounded like Morgan Freeman at times.

Certainly not for all tastes, this is probably the closest anyone has ever gotten to Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil's Son-in-Law!

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1 comentario

Paul Mcvay
Paul Mcvay
25 may 2022

This review is just bizarre enough that I may take a chance on the audio book. For the record, "They" (whomever they are) have NEVER made a good demon fighting pimp movie. I welcome a decent audio book tackling such a subject.

Me gusta
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