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It Came From Hollywood is proud to present this fully licensed adaptation of Richard W. Haines' Golden Age Slasher, Splatter University! Working from Richard's original script (which is structured quite differently than the finished film), this novelization also ties in the additional scenes that Haines and his crew went back a year later to shoot to bring the film up to a suitable running time. It is these scenes, of Tony, John, Denise, Wolf and the gang that have helped make Splatter University a cult favorite for 40 years!

"I was determined to make it sleazier than the original movie and also pump it up with more mayhem and gore," writer Robert Freese says of his adaptation. "Blood will flow. Richard allowed me the freedom to expand on his characters and premise, up to and including new scenes of slasher madness. It goes way beyond what you could have ever done on screen at the time. It's Splatter University like you've never experienced it before."

"Richard gave the first draft a thumbs up," Freese continues. "He liked all the character stuff and additional scenes. He was happy with it and he has been a part of the writing process since the very beginning."

In addition to the movie tie-in, It Came From Hollywood is bringing back those glory days of the Starlog stand alone movie magazines, when movies like Annie, Octopussy and Rocky III got their own one-shot magazine. The Splatter University Yearbook!

The Splatter University Yearbook. This cover ties into a new plot-point in the adaptation.

Film archivist Paul Mcvay was given access to Haines' full archive of Splatter University stills, pre-production paperwork, marketing concept artwork, and comment cards, including photos when the film premiered in the gritty grindhouses of 42nd Street! Most are from the highest quality slides available. Not only does it successfully chronicle the making of the film, it recalls the Golden Age of Slasher Films, when these independent knife epics received release on movie screens across the country before populating the shelves of the mom-n-pop video shops that sprang up everywhere in the early 80s.

Mcvay has assembled a tribute to the film and the era, in eye-popping full color. It's the perfect compilation to go with the novel.

Splatter University Bundles- (Limited to 25 Signed/Numbered Bundles)

The Splatter University novelization and Splatter University Yearbook will be available on January 1, 2024. We are putting together 25 special bundles for super fans. These bundles will included a signed/numbered novel and yearbook of corresponding number, a DVD copy of Richard Haines' What Really Frighten You?, a Splatter University Pennant and Splatter University Sticker.

The novel will be signed by Freese. The Yearbook will be signed, "yearbook style," by your Splatter University classmates!

If you want to call dibs on one of these 25 signed/numbered bundles, simply send us an email to and let us know. Put Splatter University Bundle on the subject line. It's that simple. When we put the bundles together, we will contact anyone who was interested, in the order we receive requests, and send an email alerting them that the bundles are ready for purchase. We will invoice each bundle and once it is paid for, you are locked into a bundle. (You will have seven days to pay the invoice from the day the email is sent.)

Please note, sending an email now ensures only that you will be among the first to be notified that the bundles are available for purchase. Until it is paid for, you are not guaranteed a bundle. Also- because of the logistics of mailing books to multiple locations to get multiple signatures, it is going to take time to put everything together. Our target is to have all bundles shipped out no later than March 1, 2024. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

At the time of purchase, you will have the opportunity to request a personalized signature on your books. If you want everyone to personalize your yearbook, let us know. The novel can be personalized also.

The cost of the Splatter University Bundle is $50. This includes shipping. We are willing to see about international orders, but international orders will not include shipping or any additional fees. (If you're willing to pay it, we are willing to ship it.)

Only 25 of these bundles will be made available. When they are gone, they are gone. Celebrate Splatter University's 40th Class Reunion in style!

Again, all you do now is send us an email with your name and that you want a bundle. You will get a confirmation email after Friday with a number indicating your place in line. If we get 50 requests, everyone will get a confirmation and a number. When the bundles are available, if anyone drops out or fails to pay within a week's time of being notified, we will go to the next person in line. (Send to -subject line Splatter University Bundle.)

I don't want to wait that long. Can't I just preorder a copy of the novel and yearbook now?

Of course you can! Starting at Midnight EST on Black Friday, you can pre-order both the novel and yearbook exclusively from When you hit them up for all the special deals on Blu-rays like Fred Olen Ray's Bikini Drive-in, and J.R. Bookwalter's Special Edition Ozone, you can also drop a copy of both Splatter University books in your cart. (The release date is still January 1, 2024, but we're going to try and have copies available for preorders before that. No guarantee, but we are certainly working to make it happen.)

The Yearbook available from Makeflix has an exclusive Gory Kill-Cover! Yup, same yearbook, but a different cover, featuring a gory promotional photo shot for the film. This cover is only available at Makeflix.

Exclusive Makeflix Gory Kill-Cover!

You guys are clever. Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes! We have also partnered with the fine folks at Lunchmeat VHS, who will also be offering the novelization in January, for an exclusive Weapon Kill-Cover! It features the same cheerleader just moments before her emergency appendectomy featured on the Makeflix cover.

Exlusive Lunchmeat VHS Weapon Kill-Cover

Dudes, this is all great and all, but I'm trying to de-clutter my life. Any chance of an eBook edition?

Yes! We are going to release the Splatter University novelization via Kindle on Amazon. That may be available sooner than the physical books. Watch the blog and the Facebook page for an announcement of release. (The Yearbook, however, will not be available in any digital version. A 1984 eYearbook of any sort just isn't a thing.)

That's everything you need to know about our upcoming releases of the Splatter University novelization and the Splatter University Yearbook!

Splatter University Bundle- Drop us an email and get in line. No money down.

I can't wait, and I don't want a bundle- from November 24 -26

My significant other will kill me if I bring one more book into the house- Kindle Edition coming soon!

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