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Grindhouse Resurrection! #2

If you can't get enough 42nd Street thrills in your regular daily diet of video exploitation, our friend Pete Chiarella recently unleashed the second issue of his new mag, Grindhouse Resurrection! #2 (Spring 2023)!

Pete and his crew celebrate everything from Joe D'Amato and Sexploitation to Euro Crime and Late Night Noir.

Chiarella, best known as 42nd St. Pete, offers copious articles, an epic interview with filmmaker William Winckler, a retro interview with Nick Phillips, a tribute to late acting great L.Q. Jones, a look at the Chiller Carnival Blood-O-Rama, a look at Florida wrestling and reviews of D'Amato's Erotic Nights of the Living Dead & Porno Holocaust and the western Payment in Blood. And that's only a fraction of what Pete's cooked up for this giant issue!

Other contributors include David Phillips, Robert Segedy, Rocky Colavito, Shawn Visser, Sir Richard "Dick" Tater, Tome Smith, Bill Karschmidt, Edwin Lee Canfield, Mike Lackey, Robert Morgan, Bill Karschmidt, T.S. Domino, and yours truly, contributing another Grindhouse Paperbacks with a look at a chapter from one of my favorite scuzzy 70's Men Adventure series, The Baroness, by Donald Moffitt's pen name Paul Kenyon. (The Baroness #7: Flicker of Doom.)

It is 92 slick pages of Grindhouse goodness that does not disappoint. Don't be surprised if your feet stick to the floor and someone gets stabbed with a broken bottle while you read it!

You can order copies directly from 42nd St. Pete via Facebook. Copies of #1 may still be available as well as his incredibly entertaining short story collection Two-Fisted Tales of Times Square. (Drop Pete a message and he will let you know what he has. Also, Pete will work with you on International orders, which is something few independent publishers even attempt.)

If you are going to the upcoming Cinema Wasteland show, copies will be available there.

Kick into high gear this spring with this loving, sleazy time capsule to a wonderful cinematic era that may be long gone but will never be forgotten!

Show your Grindhouse love with these Orgy of the Living Dead Tribute shirts from ICFH! Let your friends and loved-ones know where you stand on your cinematic preferences! Do it the grindhouse way like John Austin Frazier- It's not a true Grindhouse triple feature until someone ends up in the State Facility for the Terminally Twitchy for the rest of their lives! Stickers and pins also available.

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1 opmerking

Steven Dovas
Steven Dovas
30 mrt. 2023

Ah, I was there inside that theatre with that glorious marquee, & the 2nd picture on the bill had me flash-back to your recent exchange about cheaply printed promotional scheiss handed out (if you were lucky!) bc I am still proudly in possession of my "Demonoid Diploma" from the INITIAL release of that glorious stinker, truly the only memorable thing about that cinematic excrescence (aside from, as usual, Samantha Eggar's hair & Stu Whitman's utterly immobile facial features).

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