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ICFH Archives Now Being Stored In Zombo's Closet

Since it is nearly impossible to share all the Lobby Cards, Pressbooks, Stills, Radio Spots, and other movie marketing mayhem that makes up the ICFH Archives via our own FB group or website, coupled with the fact that Robert Freese and I are not apt to live forever, we've decided to start sharing ICFH's collection with one of the most respectable online movie marketing archives available.

Zombo's Closet is one of the most comprehensive and searchable databases for all things concerning film and relevant pop culture. Zombo curates a steady stream of movie memories that cover almost every conceivable genre, some of which you may not even be aware existed, and he does it all with extreme appreciation and love for the subject matter.

ICFH is proud to partner up with Zombo and overflow his online closet with the thousands of movie marketing materials we have collected over the last 50+ years.

Every time Zombo throws out a new post featuring something from the ICFH archive, we will share it in our FB group and do a monthly re-cap right here on the blog. Of course, nobody should wait to see what ICFH nuggets fall out of Zombo's Closet. Zombo has been collecting this stuff for decades, and it's all available (and searchable) via his website.

Head over there right now!

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