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Cover of the ICFH Yearbook

It Came From Hollywood is proud to present our officially licenced adaptation of Richard W. Haines' 1984 slasher Splatter University! It is the tender love story about a madman who loves running amok on the campus of a Catholic College and racking up a body count.

When Julie Parker takes the position of Sociology Professor at the college, she learns the previous teacher died in her classroom, and a slash-happy maniac is on the loose!

It's everything we love about Splatter University but more! More BLOOD! More GORE! More SPLATTER!

In addition, It Came From Hollywood is proud to present the official Splatter University Yearbook!

The Splatter University Yearbook is a celebration of not only the making of the movie, but a fond look back at a simpler time when slasher maniacs cut their way across screens all over the nation. You will marvel at behind-the-scenes photos, test audience comment cards, publicity stills and the film's amazing release at 42nd Street grindhouses! It also features an all new, made for the yearbook interview with our Splatter University Valedictorian, Richard W. Haines!

Alternate cover yearbooks are available now from Makeflix (Gory Kill-Cover) and soon from Lunchmeat VHS (Weapon Kill Cover)!

It's Splatter University's 40th Class Reunion and you are invited to the celbration! Both the Novelization and Yearbook are priced at $19.99 each. You can order the Novelization and ICFH Cover Yearbook directly from us through Paypal. Just email us at and let us know what you would like. We will send you an invoice to pay for book(s) with tax and shipping. Once the invoice is paid, the order will be placed and tracking sent as soon as we get it. (International Orders welcome!)

For the ultimate Splatter University fan, we are offering a special Bundle of the Novelization (signed by writer), the ICFH Cover Yearbook (signed- personalized if you'd like!- by faculty and classmates), pennant and sticker. These signed/numbered bundles are limited to 25 and are priced at $50.00. If you would like to pick up a bundle, let us know at (Everyone who put in for a bundle during our Black Friday sale is guaranteed a bundle and emails with invoices will go out soon.) Please be aware, because of the time it will take to put these bundles together, we will not be shipping them sooner than March 1, 2024.

Both the Splatter University Novelization and the Gory Kill-Cover Yearbook are available right now from Makeflix.

The Novelization is also available at:

Kick off the New Year- 80's slasher-style!

You survived to Graduation, now celebrate the 40th Class Reunion!!!

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